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As a Paul Harris Society Member, you will enjoy the benefits of:
  • A membership certificate recognizing your commitment to The Rotary Foundation. Recognition is normally awarded at a Rotary event of suitable importance, or as you may request.
  • A cloisonné Paul Harris Society “flag” to be worn in conjunction with a Paul Harris Fellowship pin (see photo). Unlike most Rotary recognition pins that may be worn for life, the PHS flag is to be displayed only by those who have made or pledged a qualifying gift in the current year.
  • The funding of a new Paul Harris Fellowship each year.
  • The eventual attainment of “Major Donor” recognition for $10,000 cumulative lifetime support of The Rotary Foundation.
  • Fellowship with other Society members who share your degree of support for such an important cause at the annual Major Donor-Paul Harris Society-Bequest Society Reception at District Conference.
How to become a Member of the Paul Harris Society:
    Bruce Clark and let them know of your intentions to generously donate each year you are financially able.
  1. Or, you can complete the Paul Harris Society Form and Brochure.
  2. e-mail or call the Rotary Foundation   staff at 866-976-8279 who will be pleased to assist you.

  3. Then, make your gift to The Rotary Foundation in the current year (by June      30) to fulfill your commitment. Monthly gifts of US$85 or quarterly contributions of $250 automatically make an individual a member of the Paul Harris Society.
Membership is an annual choice, at your discretion. 
  • The timing of your $1,000 annual gift is at your discretion. It may be made at any time during the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, and may be made in a lump sum or in multiple transactions.
  • Membership in the Paul Harris Society may be as brief as one year, but usually continues annually as long as you wish to continue at the selected level of support for the Foundation. A member is entitled to continue to wearing the “PHS” recognition pin flag in every year in which the qualifying support is made.
  • Should a Member elect not to continue their support at the Society membership level in any year, they may return another year when ready to resume support of The Rotary Foundation at that level.
  • Paul Harris Society membership is a non-binding commitment. It is simply a statement of your intent to support The Rotary Foundation. Rotarians are known for their integrity.

Tom Markos.