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Scholar Meghan Bromert and Rotarian Roger Crabbs


General Information:

The purpose of  the Global Grant Scholarship program is to support international study at the  graduate level.  The new grant model builds on the very best of Rotary’s Ambassadorial Scholar history.   The new Global Grant Scholarship has a shorter processing time frame, expands the opportunities available for scholars  and simplifies the rules.  If D5100 has allocated DDF for Global Grand Scholarships in a given Rotary year, the District Scholarship committee will solicit applications and interview and  process prospective candidates the prior year. Qualified candidates for Global Grant Scholarships are scholars who:

  • Possess excellent leadership skills and potential;
  • Demonstrate a proven record of success in their academic fields and/or vocations;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to world and community service;
  • Have well-defined and realistic goals for their academic and professional futures;
  • Plan to pursue a career in one of the six areas of focus;
  • Understand the aims and values of Rotary.

During the course of study, Scholars are expected to interact with local Rotarians and Rotary clubs and should always be mindful that they serve in the role of ambassadors of D5100 to the community where they will be studying.

Peace Fellowships  are not covered in this section as there have been no changes to their program, which does not fall into the Global Grant category.

Applicant Eligibility:

  1. Global  Grant scholars are individuals who are pursuing a career in one of the six Areas of Focus.
  2. Scholars must be proficient in the native language of the host country.
  3. The program of study must be at the graduate level. The program can be no less than one academic year and no more than four academic years.
  4. The scholar must be traveling abroad for study.
  5. The scholarship grant amount is a minimum of $30,000 for the entire course of  study.
  6. Scholars must live in the immediate vicinity of the approved study institution and in the host Rotary district so that he/she can participate in the Rotary club and  district activities of the host club/district.
  7. Outgoing scholars must live or be from District 5100.  Incoming scholars must live and attend the approved study institution in District 5100.
  8. Scholarships may not be used for studies that are already underway.
  9. The Scholar may NOT be (1) a Rotarian; (2) an employee of a club, district, or any other Rotary entity, or of Rotary International;  (3) the spouse, a lineal descendant, or an ancestor (parent or grandparent by blood) of any person in the forgoing two categories.  The Scholar MAY BE a member of a Rotaract Club.
  10. Scholarships may not be used in conjunction with a “study abroad program” operated by an institution other than Rotary.

District 5100 Application  Process

STEP  1:  Nomination and Interview
The applicant submits a Global Grant Scholarship Application and a resume to a D5100 Rotary Club which then interviews the applicant.  If the club accepts the applicant, it forwards to the DSC the following:

    1. Global Grant Scholarship Application
    2. Estimated budget;
    3. Official college/university transcript and resume
    4. Proposed humanitarian project in the host district (optional);
    5. Club’s signed endorsement of the applicant
    6. Complete information regarding:
      1. How the scholar’s program of study relates to the selected area of focus;
      2. The educational and professional goals of the scholar and how the scholarship will advance these goals;
      3. How will the scholar will use his/her education to address a need on a long-term basis in his/her hosting and/or international sponsoring community(ies).

STEP 2 – Application 
Upon notification that the District’s Global Grants Scholarship Proposal has been approved, the  District will be invited to submit a “Global Grants Scholarship Application” within six months. Items required at time of the TRF international application:

    1. Letter of acceptance to the proposed school
    2. Foreign language proficiency exam results
    3. Host partner club/district and host counselor information (District 5100 will secure)
    4. Detailed itemized budget

The applying scholar should print out and complete the Global Grants Scholarship Application and submit it to a Rotary Club in District 5100.

Additional terms  and conditions are outlined in the Global Grant Scholarship Application.


 July 1, 2016 –  February 15, 2017 – Clubs  advertise the grant opportunity and develop a committee for accepting, reviewing and interviewing scholarship applicants according to Global Grant Scholarship Guidelines. Clubs may submit to the District Scholarship Committee applications of proposed candidates who they believe best meet the goals and selection criteria of the Global Grants Scholarship.

February 15,  2017 – By this date, Rotary Clubs must submit to the District Scholarship Committee Chair their proposed candidates’ applications, including resumes and official college/university transcripts.

March 15,  2017 – Proposed applicants and Sponsor Clubs notified of interview decision and schedule.

April  2017 – Applicants will be interviewed.

May 1, 2017  – Interviewed applicants and Sponsor Clubs will be notified of decision on or before this date.  District Scholarship Committee will proceed with the two-step grants application process of The Rotary Foundation.


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